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August 27, 2017

Block printing is an ancient tradition -- evidence has been found of block printed fabrics dating back to 2000 BC. Today, it is a skill practiced in Rajasthan, a revival due to efforts by Anokhi and others passionate about this cultural tradition.

Tilonia sources block print fabrics in Bagru from two brothers, Hanuman and Ganesh. Each one runs a block printing business using traditional dyes and handcarved wooden blocks. 

Our duvet sets, quilts and decorative pillow covers are sewn by women artisans of Tilonia from block print cotton fabrics handprinted by block printers of Bagru in rural Rajasthan.

Block prints can range from a simple, single-color print to complex, multiple color prints. Each color is printed from a separate wooden block carved to print that specific pattern. Each block printing center in India has its own distinctive traditional styles and aesthetics.

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