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Team Tilonia

The business management team for are all “graduates” of the night schools the Barefoot College operates for the benefit of rural children who work during the day tending animals, fetching water or managing other household chores.

None of the team have ever attended a government school, and thus none of them had the school certificate necessary for a government job.  They come from rural communities of shepherds and subsistence farmers in Rajasthan where the only option for livelihood during years of extreme drought would be to migrate to the slums in overcrowded cities looking for work as common laborers. 

In Tilonia, their life and work have been completely different. It has been one of learning, opportunity -- and more importantly, a life of dignity and mutual respect. 

The team in Tilonia has launched and operates  for purchasing Tilonia® products online in India. You may also download the  Tilonia Bazaar Catalog  and contact to order. 

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Pokhar Mal
Computer Lady
Coop Singh & Ganeshi
Shop Ladies
Training Ladies
Fabric for the Production Center